29-03-2005 00:03:43

post the sheep lover's manual here!!!!!!!!! shock


29-03-2005 00:37:40


Found throughout various Arabic countries the Arabi is noted for its coarse thick wool giving it 'grabability' and much odour.

The photo also depicts an Arab hiding from the camera as sheep loving is frowned upon in his country where the locals prefer camels. An anti dromodery/pro sheep movement is springing up however, and one day the Sheepshaggin Arabian Dudes For Erotic Livestock Liberation And Sex (SADFELLAS) will be able to come out of the closet.

On a scale of one to ten the Arabi only scores a 6 due to it's rank smell and poor availability.


29-03-2005 00:55:54

That's only 1 of em (

Not Important!

29-03-2005 02:12:54

ol lol i really would want to cum all over that sheep


29-03-2005 03:01:10

lol. why do you need this picture


29-03-2005 03:34:23

coz i got tired of wanking on chicks P


29-03-2005 08:06:20

Yeah we all know you stepped over to men years ago lol


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Just take a step back in time and visit the old forum http// its the whole guide in all its glory! even got those smileys nuub loves as much as au loves the sheeps [img8c1b60e2c4]http//[/img8c1b60e2c4]


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WTF??!?!?? shock shock shock o o o

never know about that forum o


29-03-2005 12:08:21

Bloody Genius Thanks Dogmeat!

There yas go. Te coolest animal guide in te world. dance