Tee Hee



27-03-2005 04:06:53

Here's a funny screenshot.

TWO forts, FOUR towers AND a Colosseum could not defend against 1/2 a clue lol

I cut the name off to protect the stupid.


03-04-2005 03:04:07

ur eco is noob,
I guess you have colossus + diamonds + com3 so I would suggest you to cap +10 more food, you have worksers available there (wood/metal flashing), also build wonders like poorman's tower and stuff you have loads of ress to spare ^^


03-04-2005 14:11:08

Gee thanks gigi P

I was waiting for him to militia rush me so I can convert them and get more workers.

How do you do it?


04-04-2005 09:12:12

DAmn that guy pwnd!!!

Btw 100th post!!!



04-04-2005 09:48:16

congrat beer..........that must have took lots of spam.

man i just love the sheep....he remind me of that retarded kid in the simpson, (the son of the police guy)

dance dance dance dance dance dance dance

wohooooooooooooo! i just notice this is my 10th post. whihc is sopmehtiing ot celebrate about (no differ from ur 100, only like 1 less zero next to it)

bananaboy bananaboy bananaboy bananaboy bananaboy


04-04-2005 12:32:34

No comprendre big cohones!