QeshM is ...58



23-03-2005 21:56:46

lawl yesterday I played someone (smurf) called _AFF_Lover without any games played (means "?" as record)
1v1 arena rlm rndm nation
he said at the beginning he said somethings like "manage me man im an inter"
then we played (me)Greeks vs (quesh)Iroq on Sahara.. and he wons !
today i heard somethings by 3-4 players... "Hey man QeshM PWNED UR ASS"

QeshM, next time be a man k?



23-03-2005 22:34:10



23-03-2005 22:39:16

this guy is totally weird.


24-03-2005 12:20:54

Lol, I was obs wolf vs. qeshm awhile ago, and I think someone mentioned that qeshm's either had unbelievable micro, or some sort of hack that gave his troops more hp or something.

Oh well, Wolf won anyways P.


24-03-2005 12:38:56

THat guy is just pathetic, on vanilla he used to trick people playing "no maya, no spain" and when the game starts, it ends up to be him as Spanish and map as Amazon P as for playing I remember raping his Dutch on some water map with my maya on the old patch -_-, he is also afraid of playing people in rated who he thinks that can beat him. Now he has already tried to join AU 2 times (he got into TWC as faking to be someone else and finally got booted because of his smacktalk).. well he is going to be booted from my games and I'm not willing to play with him even if he turns into freakin' mother theresa and beats gigi frog and bird in 3v1 while sticking bananas in his ass and having his screen shut down

have a nice day quaesemhm


24-03-2005 13:19:08



24-03-2005 13:44:44

<< ...mother theresa and beats gigi frog and bird in 3v1 while sticking bananas in his ass... >>
Nuuk has just described beertender & killahertz most grand fantasy. Maybe add cyber in there too?


24-03-2005 13:52:44

add me and rolex to that too tl pls

Not Important!

25-03-2005 00:46:13

*Penis Rising* Omg, you guys... stop that hot talk


25-03-2005 08:30:25

Yeah teh hard anal!


27-03-2005 11:59:52