Masters of RoN Invitation. 2nd Season!!


23-03-2005 03:31:33


[b19857a0b65]The first one was good...the second one is always better...
Masters of RoN Season 2 coming!![/b19857a0b65]

After noticing the enormous amount of support, fanmail, encouraging words, MoR Staff has decided to give it one more try. The signup period for Masters of RoN League, 2nd Season is hereby officially opened. If your clan wishes to participate, then please fill out to MoR Sign Up Form here .

Please note that due to a high amount of no-shows, MoR Staff requests every clan to insert at least 5 (five) players for each team. 4 (four) Players may be possible after discussing this with MoR Staff. Also note that the Sign Up period closes at [b19857a0b65]April 7th, 2005![/b19857a0b65]


Masters of RoN is the only League in Rise of Nations which can proudly say that, according to the RoN Oscar Nominations 2004 - 2005, we have hosted the Best Tournament for 2004 - 2005. Masters of RoN, Season 2 will continue in this line, if not even better! For details, other events concerning Masters of RoN Season 2, please visit .

Looking forward to see you all soon!!

Regards, for MoR Staff,



23-03-2005 11:44:05

I'll sign us up again ^^