21-03-2005 16:50:37

TGE wrote a preview for it here http//

I must say too that it looks pretty damn good from TGE's description.


21-03-2005 17:14:30

Is this game out yet? Looks like one I'd buy..


21-03-2005 17:24:20

It releases in about a month.


21-03-2005 17:48:05

I hope the actual game is better than the demo, which I wasn't too impressed with.

However, that's what I thought of the RoN demo, but it turned out to be a pretty good game P.


21-03-2005 19:03:22

the SP demo is an alpha version of the game basically, it was done 5 months ago. There will be another demo soon with both SP and MP play.

it will be much better than the first demo.


22-03-2005 07:57:32

TGE, what do you know about the MP demo ?

option, civ available, age ...


22-03-2005 11:56:43

I think that this game has no future, they screwed up (


22-03-2005 12:05:40

lol, for starters it has a built in MP community, for seconds it's fun, for thirds it doesn't inhibit strategy, for more it will be heavily supported by the same company that supports StarCraft and Warcraft.



24-03-2005 00:22:13


played the ee2 demo and it was pretty shithouse. don't believe tge's hype, remember what he said about armies of exigo.


24-03-2005 08:02:24

armies of exigo was fun but it got boring fast and El_Capitan said most of it.

blizzard is owned by VUG, i said the demo ws a shithouse... the next demo will be a lot better.



24-03-2005 17:19:41

*slow clap*


24-03-2005 21:13:04

dye your hair black and walk te streets in sackcloth and ashes ye gloomy young cynic.


25-03-2005 08:15:48

the only things i'm looking out for in EE2 is the resource gather rate and unit ballance.

those are the only real problems left in the game from the build that i have. I have the build right before it goes gold and the game is solid except for a few little problems.



01-04-2005 09:26:20

those outpost/tower is frekeain OP (still).

i lmao when i spam it to protect raid. the timmy boy got " ownzed" or "pawnzed" watever u perfer.


btw take at a look at the cool feature of war planner..its soooooooooooo awsomw..............definately improve gameplay.



01-04-2005 10:25:28

demon and I played a game last night. Those towers are wayyy OP. Takes 1-2 shots and infantry or cav goes down.


01-04-2005 12:01:42

there is an option in the "edit" section to lower damage of units and buildings along with adjusting gatehr rates and all kinds of crap. I want to organize a group of players to help find a good setting for everything.



01-04-2005 17:07:27

TGE...will the tower be nerfed? not only its too freakin powerful. but tis ranged is longer then seige!!!!!!

that is the gayest thing i ever seen. took me 1.5 hr to take out 2 guy that is stacking up tower!!!! i abscially ahve to use mny unit to take up fire while my cannon fire.

i don't like the idea of ahving to build 30+ cannons to destroy those tower!


01-04-2005 18:12:23

noticed the same thing demon, prolly fixed its also totally obvious or we are missing something...


01-04-2005 19:13:11

i'm refering to the somewhat MP demo (which is update & balance to some extent)

caz it seem they nerefed it. but not enoguht!