Reducing Out of Syncs


21-03-2005 16:11:38

Anyone know if there is a way to do this. I have played several games today and at least half have had this problem, which has actually costed me games that i was winning. Or is this just a problem with the RoN multiplayer?


22-03-2005 00:00:31

Ron multiplayer problem... gayspy is sooo bad =/


22-03-2005 11:57:39

I have similar problem with getting 'Gathering Exception data' S


22-03-2005 22:05:37

gs still gives those OOSs? (

btw post number 1000 suckas P


23-03-2005 05:00:28

Well not really, but sometimes i get


23-03-2005 10:40:10

I havent had an OOS for months. ^^

I know that you sometimes get OOSs when replacing dropped players with AI though.


23-03-2005 18:59:12

Tascan I think just solved my problem, everyone of those out of syncs was an AI replacement. Guess ill never choose that option again.