Sims & Persians...


18-01-2005 12:34:40

Sims, I know you're awesome with them. I want to see a strat article with recs. You can title it "Ele Pawnage". Are you willing to write it?


18-01-2005 12:57:53

I haven't played them in a long time and I lost all my recordings when my hard drive crashed 2 weeks ago ( But I can write an article sometime, I think. By now I think everyone knows eles are invincible in late-IV and V, but I haven't really toyed much with the (slightly) cheaper UU HIs in the patch yet.


22-01-2005 09:52:52

Go go even more powerfull ancient raid ^^ Then pwn him in II/III with an army raid then go IV/V and kill him with the pwnage ellies ^^