Hotkey Set-Up


16-03-2005 23:08:39

I am currently trying to improve my game, getting involved on various boards and such. I am just curious, did any of yall alter the hotkey setup that the game is orignally desinged to have, I saw a different setup wich placed all of the hotkeys on the left side of the keyboard. What do yall find to be the most effective set-up? What the game came designed with?


17-03-2005 01:05:31

I just use the defaults.


17-03-2005 01:22:34

I use defaults and add a hotkey to locate tower, fort, temple, idle merchant, idle fishermen. (F1 - F5)

I can't add hotkeys for granaries, lumbermills and smelters anymore and I could in vanilla. I don't know why. Guess I could get in habit of control grouping them.

Having all buildings hotkeyed you can get specific upgrades while still microing in battle. It suited my noob style when all i wanted to do was fight till these nuber boomers kept kicking my ass. Now I want to fight and boom it probably still suits 8)


17-03-2005 08:32:33

I moved all my hotkeys so I can get to them w/ my left hand easier. I can't get granary/lumber mill/smelter on hotkeys either anymore though /.


17-03-2005 08:38:30

it sucks
I have to Tab or find the granary/lumber mill =__=


17-03-2005 12:23:56

Left hand is better, i use defaults though... Also moved my find teh scout hotkey to ","


17-03-2005 13:37:48

The problem I see with making your own hotkey set-up, and Rambozo and tl pointed this out, is that u can no longer access everything u need to on hotkeys. If you follow the example found at http// you lose things such as garrison, which is pretty valuable for defending rushes and such.


17-03-2005 14:02:55

Hrm, I have access to everything I want to quicker than the default setup. The default setup doesn't add options for you, it just gives you... a default option.


18-03-2005 12:27:20

well i use the default too, mainly coz i'm

A) too lazy to change it
B) wayyy too accustomed to it alrdy =)

and i have to tab through for eco enhancers as well =(


18-03-2005 14:08:58

If I remember, giving econ enhancers a control group as they are being built helps.

But couple times I did it they wouldn't go into groups???

This game is wierd at times...


18-03-2005 23:45:24

i tried to change my university hotkey to my lefthand, but if you assign it to eg V, all other V hotkeys are lost (


19-03-2005 14:21:01

Well one thing I do is if I think I am gonna need am upgrade soon (like the granary upgrade) when I'm tabbing through i'll hotkey it to something like 1, then when i need th upgrade i just push 1 again. it's pretty much unconscious by now.