so has any AU bought it?


14-05-2006 20:39:31

Anyone playing it?


15-05-2006 09:09:12

Lol i'll just watch killa playing it a bit and if it turns out to be a 100% different game from the beta i might buy it -,-


15-05-2006 10:39:00

I haven't. I probably will this week tho....


18-05-2006 22:23:23

I'm thinking of getting it this weekend, can anyone who has played it online tell me if it is as borked as RoN was?


19-05-2006 10:08:46

It's not as borked as ron was. I haven't had a drop, crash, or OOS in 10-12 games or so. I've played all 1v1s except for one though & the team game I played was uber-laggy. Like click... wait 3 seconds... unit selected /.


25-05-2006 12:23:09

Its coming to me soon! P Get ready to be pwned.