ROL impressions


08-05-2006 09:36:28

Any thoughts from people that have played lots?

Strategic depth?

Importance of micro v. strategy?

Length of time to learn the game?

How fun is it?

Ron/Tnp is the only game to hold my attention for more than a year & I'm wondering if rol will deliver the same.


09-05-2006 00:08:47

I had the beta and i dont like it, i'm not gonna buy it or play it probably


09-05-2006 02:06:13



Give command.



houston we have a problem...

make a cup of tea

Unit responds.


19-05-2006 20:18:53

Played more than beer AND jups I reckon... and have the retail.

Severe balance issues atm, but still fun. (If a reason exists NOT to pick dakhla, I'd like to hear it) V. little econ macro to do compared to army microing. I still have not found any optimum strategies and afaik neither has anyone else. Learning curve is not as steep as ron's, but more steep than say, starcraft's. Units are somewhat gummy/slow to respond, but that's not neccessarily a flaw?

Here's the main problem with the game though community is not much bigger than ron's, and the game just came out... 100-200 people online usually. Not a dealbreaker for me, could be for some.


23-05-2006 01:29:58

Played probably 40 games now.
- The game seems a cross between WC3 & ron. More towards the WC3 side.
- Not much to teching & resource gathering is very simplified, but it's pretty strategic in how you scout, when you attack, knowing counters, border push, etc. like ron.
- If you want deep complexity like ron it's not here... if you're bored of heavy micro games it's probably not here either.
- Fairly easy to find games in quickmatch... maybe a 3-4 minute wait max. 70-250 people on-line or so. Should be double that soon w/ the Europeans getting the game.
- Fun to learn a new game


23-05-2006 09:53:37

Is this a Ron xpac or a new game...I think xpac. Thus, do I need RoN CD/installed to install this game?


23-05-2006 11:43:05

noob, it's completely diff than regular ron. it's a new game


24-05-2006 12:12:59

K, I may pick it up at some point then

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24-05-2006 18:26:57

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24-05-2006 20:08:46

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26-05-2006 22:23:24

loool... noob p


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27-05-2006 03:03:01

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30-05-2006 00:47:06

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