Pawnage: Wolf, Sims, Bird...


06-03-2005 17:53:13

Props to Bird, Sims, and especially Wolf for a nice showing in the ReV tourney. All bow down to the undefeated Wolfy taking the #1 spot.... bows


07-03-2005 08:58:38

WOLF PWNAGE!!! (lawl and then he still sais he's nothing special =/ )


07-03-2005 09:00:09

nice man.. gj roll thought frog would win but wolf suprised me .. gj gj gj


07-03-2005 18:08:25

gj wolf D


08-03-2005 10:28:05

All it takes to tell whether wolf is something special is watching his game v. Frog. He booms like a madman while putting tremendous pressure throughout on Frog. Then when Frog makes one mistake... gg.


13-05-2009 08:23:13

lol thx tl i miss all of u nabs POST HERE


07-06-2009 16:16:39

rocked us all roll

im your fanboy wolfi


28-08-2009 13:27:39

any replay left from that tourney ?