AU Wins Cup!


08-05-2006 09:20:28

We drew great civ/map combos and won the 4th MoR Cup. Watch the recorded games here . We got a bit lucky, but there's no way you can win a random map/random civ tourney (or even a regular tourney) without luck anyway. GGs all.


08-05-2006 11:09:54

leik congrats, the game vs twc was a bit sick though ;(


08-05-2006 11:20:37

The twc game was bleh.... maybe if twc had gotten a bit more territory it coulda been a game. w/ the rares/nations h4x though I think it still woulda been a drubbing. They shoulda done a best of 3 final to mitigate one team getting uber lucky like we did.


09-05-2006 19:48:06

gj guys )


10-08-2006 06:29:02

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11-08-2006 19:13:45


teh evil advertisers ;(


11-08-2006 21:22:58

[quote963e2fb19d]2Admin Sorry if the message doesn't suit your forum. Kindly ask to move it to an appropriate section. Thank you [/quote963e2fb19d]
How about kindly removing yourself from our forums. Banned.


12-08-2006 01:46:30

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12-08-2006 04:26:19

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12-08-2006 19:33:52

[quoteb766c57baa="AU_sims"]Good to see the hosting bills I pay go into good use[/quoteb766c57baa]

ROFL! you pay for an inactive forum? must be rich.


13-08-2006 21:16:25

it costs $10 a month. it'd be less if i bothered switching elsewhere but the annoyance of moving the forum database and themes is too much to bother. if you can afford to go to college i am sure you can afford that too.


14-08-2006 10:01:57

Well, if you muliply 10X12=$120 a year....I guess Im cheap but I wouldnt want to pay that a year for an unactive forum........but I guess your rich or something.


14-08-2006 20:05:18

Well I share the hosting with some other of my sites so the marginal cost is $0. And I do work so it's not like the money is falling into my hands.


14-08-2006 22:56:29

Thats cool.


15-08-2006 05:08:45

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15-08-2006 11:24:12

omg, sims, make it stop. Obviously it's some crawler that's preying on pwned sites.


15-08-2006 12:15:24

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15-08-2006 17:23:56

Sims will solve the problem.


16-08-2006 00:29:28

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16-08-2006 11:16:35



16-08-2006 22:55:25

I upgraded phpbb to the latest stable 2.0.21. Though you get what you pay for...I'm sure the little captcha image they're using to prevent automated registrations isn't that hard to get around. That's what causes the spam. It's too much of a bother to change to a different forum since we've always used this anyway. If you can believe it, I created it back on January 17, 2005. And I basically recreated it from scratch since that worm ate nide's original site. Damn, it's been a long time.


18-08-2006 00:41:52

I turned off the captcha image on the registration page a few months ago. I turned it back on. That should stop the spam.


18-08-2006 11:04:27


How does this happen?


19-08-2006 17:42:50


you guys get alot of shit lol


21-08-2006 00:00:13

Locking topic.

What happens is someone has found a way around phpbb's captcha images (the image that asks you "spell the word in this image") and thus can do automated registrations. IP bans don't work because the spammers who do these things don't use the same IP over and over, rather they likely have some botnet of rooted machines to do the spamming for them. If I really cared this would be easy to stop (easy as adding a field to the page with a picture of an orange and saying, "What is this a picture of?" ) but I don't really care enough to patch and test it. This site is so small that I doubt spammers would care much if they couldn't get past the page.