We're back!


17-01-2005 05:57:07

After a brief month-long outage due the nasty Santy worm, we're back up and running. After a bit of fiddling, we (or perhaps I should say I lol) were able to bring back the old site's look. The bad news is we lost all our old posts and recorded games. ( The good news is everyone's favorite RoN clan site is back! So visit our forums and help us fill this site back up with your insightful, information, hilarious, off-topic, or perhaps useless posts.


17-01-2005 14:06:00

WOOOOOOOOOt!!!!! nice gj sims ), now bird and wolf get posting recs!........BTW thx for posting our link ) gl boys


17-01-2005 14:20:03

omg liek spam


17-01-2005 21:11:08

GJ Sims!!!! D AU Site is back!


17-01-2005 22:10:54

lookin' nice | , but u missing T3H Smileys (


18-01-2005 17:14:53

We have em now. GG


18-01-2005 23:48:55

great work sims GG


19-01-2005 06:17:43

nobody likes crash's forum? (


19-01-2005 08:32:46

Well done sims for getting it back and running D looking fwd to flaming Gigi again P


19-01-2005 11:21:48

Yes where is that little german girl.


19-01-2005 21:08:08

haha, probably still packing a sad cos I deleted his posts on our temporary forum. that or he is cybering with his mum.


11-04-2009 16:52:09

hey all AU players shud play RON again.. RON is getting boring..